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Show Me is all about the wonderful world of museums, galleries and archives. We love the objects held in their collections, the stories those objects tell and the games and films museums make. We created Show Me to help you discover, enjoy and learn about those things too.

The site is made by the team at

Anra Kennedy

I’m Show Me’s Editor. I work with the rest of the team to plan how the website looks, how it works and what we feature. I get to visit lots of museums and spend lots of time talking to interesting people.

My favourite museum object: for a long time it was the gigantic model of a blue whale at London’s Natural History Museum but that’s changed now. I still have a very soft spot for the whale but the more I go to the museum the more I fall in love with the building itself. I know choosing a whole building is cheating, but it’s beautiful. If you’re ever there, look up and see if you can spot the creatures and plants carved into the stonework, inside and out. It’s a very special place.

MG游戏官网软件No one knows I… am really pretty good at helping sheep give birth when they’re having trouble lambing. If I ever give up making websites I might just have to become a shepherd.

Jack Shoulder

I’m the Content Coordinator for Show Me, which means that I look after all the stuff you see on the site. It means I have a lot to do - from finding the best videos and games for you to enjoy to writing articles and planning crafty Make and Do projects for you to try at home.

MG游戏官网软件My favourite museum object: I visit lots of museums in my spare time, so I have lots of favourite objects such as the Horniman Museum’s over-stuffed Walrus and the Grant Museum’s Pink Fairy Armadillo – it’s such a strange little creature. My Top Object though is a Greek Pot in the British Museum that shows the warrior Achilles killing, and also falling in love with, Penthesilea, an Amazon. I find it fascinating how the pot maker was able to show such a complex story – and the swirls on the pot are nice.

MG游戏官网软件No one knows I… have a massive collection of souvenir badges from museums and art galleries. The last time I counted, there were over 200!

Richard Moss

I’m Editor of the grown up website but I also get to help choose stories – and even sometimes write them – for Show Me.

My favourite museum object: the first museum object that really impressed me was the Mallard steam locomotive, which I first saw many years on a school trip to the National Railway Museum in York. It is massive. I like big objects – like the Sunderland Flying Boat at the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon or the Diplodocus at the Natural History Museum. But sometimes a simple hand axe carved by someone thousands of years ago can be the most amazing object to look at. I also like paintings.

No one knows that… when I’m not editing and writing about museum and galleries I sometimes make very loud honking noises with my saxophone.

Sarah Jackson

MG游戏官网软件I’m the Editorial Assistant for Show Me, so my job is to help get the website full of interesting things for visitors to see. Sometimes this means finding pictures, other times I write articles or look for interesting websites, games and museum objects for our visitors to enjoy. There’s a lot to do, so every day is different!

MG游戏官网软件My favourite museum object: oh, it’s so hard to choose! I’d probably have to say the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum. It doesn’t matter what I go into the museum to see - Egyptian mummies, Chinese prints, African art, whatever – I always end up at the Parthenon Marbles. Sometimes it’s deliberate but surprisingly often I just accidentally find myself there. I really need a map.

No one knows I… used to have a talent for finding cow teeth in archaeological digs. I haven’t been on a dig in years though, so I don’t know whether I still have this ability or whether I lost it.

Sejul Malde

MG游戏官网软件I’m Culture24’s Research Manager which is a hugely varied job. For Show Me this means I am interested in finding out why and how people use the website and all its content. I also work with teachers and students to identify ideas for future stories, objects and other interesting stuff to feature on Show Me.

My favourite museum object: well it’s actually a whole room not an object! It’s the Rothko Room at the Tate Modern, which contains a set of paintings by the artists Mark Rothko. I love sitting on the bench in the centre of the room, and being surrounded by the paintings. I find it such a calming experience. It’s amazing that paintings can have that effect on you.

No one knows I… am partial to spinning a few tunes at home on my CD turntables. On quiet nights in I become my own little superstar bedroom DJ.

The rest of the Culture24 team, especially Phill, Rina, Richard A, Kate and Jane all help out with the site too, it’s a real team effort.

Our partners

MG游戏官网软件It’s not all about us though, we have lots of help and support from all sorts of amazing partners.

MG游戏官网软件Collection objects are shared with us by museums and galleries from all over the UK and beyond and all of the wonderful games, resources and videos we show you are created by, with or about them too.

MG游戏官网软件Our partners at make films and interactives about collection objects which you’ll find all over Show Me.

MG游戏官网软件Our partners at help us store and publish the pictures of collection objects.

Children, young people and teachers from a range of schools helped us to develop and test Show Me as we were building it. The schools we’ve worked closely with so far are: , and . Many, many individual kids and teachers have been involved too, answering questions, coming up with ideas and testing. You were all so generous with your time and advice, thank you! We’re going to work with more schools as we develop the website so do get in touch if you’d like to get involved –

We’re happy to support our friends at and will be working with them as we develop Show Me to help any of you doing your Awards or supporting Awards in museums, galleries and archives.

MG游戏官网软件The Show Me website is created with the support of .

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to the team at who designed and built Show Me for us.